1. Recorded complaint in O.B.

Does the O.B. entry include: identity and description of alleged assailant, time of alleged defilement; location and description of scene of alleged defilement; name of witnesses and suspects.

2. Accompany victim to receive medical treatment

Was the victim taken by police to the hospital; record date, name of officer, hospital and physician in file;was the physician advised of all elements of the offence for a thorough exam

3. Provide P3 Form and collect medical evidence

Was P3 form provided free of charge; was the completed P3 form obtained; was the sexual evidence kit completed; was the medical evidence submitted to the lab for testing

4. Victim interview

Was the interview conducted in a private space; were attempts made to calm and relax the child before the interview; were tools such as dolls, drawings etc used if helpful; insulting or accusatory language avoided;

5. Victim statement

Date and time of alleged defilement; identity of suspect(s) and relationship to claimant; description of suspect; location and description of scene; other witnesses; actual description of incident (e.g. record “insertion of penis” as opposed to “tabia mbaya”, which is vague)

6. Visit the crime scene and preserve the evidence

Safeguard, survey and cordon the scene; photograph the scene in detail; sketch the scene; search the scene; secure the evidence, including labeling, sealing and safe storage of exhibits and exhibits entered into the exhibit register, ensure chain of custody is intact

7. Identify and interview witnesses

Witness statements recorded

8. Identify and interview suspects

Identification parade (use photographs as an alternative); collection of forensic evidence e,g.: blood stains, semen, hair), note physical characteristics; suspect statement: caution provided, record statement, keep accused away from claimant at all times

9. Compile the police case file

10. Evaluate the evidence collected

Have all the ingredients of the offence been met; Before drawing up charges, the officer should be certain that all ingredients of the offence have been met under s. 8 SOA)

11. Prefer charges (if it’s believed a conviction can be secured)

12. Arrest Accused

Drafting of charges; was a charge sheet prepared

i) The order of completion of these steps could change depending on the reality of the case;
ii) the steps outlined above can happen concurrently, and do not have to happen consecutively.